You will need
  • - paint thinner;
  • - hard brush;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - polishing paste;
  • felt circle;
  • - an electric drill;
  • - clean rags;
  • transparent Polish.
Prepare aluminum part polishing. If it is painted, remove the paint. To do this, first use the machining, removing a hard paint steel brush, and then contact a solvent for the respective colors. Cleansed from the cover detail wipe with a soft cloth to remove small particles of colorant. If necessary, clean the metal from the oil.
Strip the largest and most deep scratches. Use the sandpaper with the largest grit, Then go for aluminium over fine emery paper to remove the remaining bumps and small scratches. If necessary, repeat the procedure until, until no visible defects remain.
With the help of polishing paste GOI and a felt circle attached to the drill, conduct pre-polishing the surface of the aluminum. Apply the paste on the surface of the part with a thin and even layer. If you use the paste into solid form, RUB it first in the engine oil to the viscosity of the sour cream. The resulting composition of the impregnated felt circle. It is desirable to have two or three spare round as they wear out quickly.
Complete with felt, impaled on a drill, across a polished surface. Movement should be smooth and circular. After several passages add to the surface of the aluminum paste. After such polishing rinse of the paste with details. Wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth. If you have done your work carefully, you will now be able to see in the metal reflected.
To protect polished aluminum from oxidizing, cover it with a heat-resistant transparent varnish, pre-abasiri surface. Apply the nail Polish immediately after polishing, since aluminum oxidizes quite quickly. Now the metal has turned into a mirror.