You will need
  • - laptop computer;
  • - soft tissue;
  • - toothpaste;
  • - vaseline.
Get rid of scratches on the screen of the laptop using toothpaste to do this, spread a small amount on your finger. Note that it is not suitable gel paste - use a regular. Then RUB it over the surface scratches on the laptop.
Take a napkin or handkerchief and wipe off the paste with screen. Prepare a piece of cotton wool, roll it into a ball, put on a little vaseline and wipe them scratched areas to remove scratches from the screen of the laptop. Then just wipe the screen clean with a handkerchief or cloth.
Prepare a damp cloth for the monitor and a microfiber cloth to remove scratches from laptop. Also get a special paste for polishing, for example, Displex. These pastes are relatively inexpensive. Clean the monitor to remove dust and greasy marks.
First carefully sweep or blow dust from the sensor, then wipe with a damp cloth and a microfiber cloth. If you do not sweep dust, can scratch the matrix. Similarly clean the lid of your laptop. Next, remove shallow scratches from the cover.
Get some practice first on corrupted disks before polishing the screen laptop. Apply the polishing liquid on the scratches, gently wipe. A shallow scratch should disappear in a few minutes. If necessary, apply again in a place a liquid for polishing and again wipe it with a tissue or piece of cotton wool.
In the same way you can remove scratches from your mobile phone, music player and other devices. This method is not suitable for removing scratches from LCD screen, it can remove the top layer of material and damage the screen. Once you have completed polishing the surface of the laptop, wipe the damaged area with a cloth or a microfiber cloth.