You will need
  • - soldering iron;
  • - soldering acid;
  • - tin solder;
  • - a metal file or sandpaper;
  • - tube;
  • - steel cable.
To solder the parts, made of stainless steel, prepare the soldering iron and flux. In this case you can use normal soldering iron to one hundred watts (do not purchase a soldering iron more power). As a flux use soldering acid. Also prepare a tin solder.
Preparing all the necessary for soldering stainless steel, proceed to the process. To begin, thoroughly clean the joint with sandpaper or a file. Then apply soldering acid and produce oblivnye. If oblozhit item does not work the first time (that is, the surface does not stick solder, and he just starts to slide), a well-warmed surface re-apply a layer of soldering acid and perform maintenance.
If the attempt is not successful (solder continues to slide, and also appears oxide film grayish color), surface caribaea carefully apply with a special brush. This brush can do with their hands: it is a small piece of tube with a diameter of 5 mm, in which is placed a thin vein from a steel cable. Apply on the problem area, soldering acid, then hover over the brush at the same time and a soldering iron, and then start to drive these two tools. This procedure will help to remove the oxide film.
When the items are tinned, solder them together using solder and flux.