You will need
  • industrial polishing;
  • - soft tissue;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - vinegar;
  • - welding.
The first way: use special formulations for cleaning and giving Shineand furniture. Today the chemical industry produces a huge variety of polishes, can restore the pristine glow of the furniture surfaces.These tools come in various types. The most common are oil – based. With their help it is easy to give the Shine to furniture, to clean up the pollution and remove the dust. The disadvantage of this type means that they do not create a protective film on the surface of cabinets, tables and other shiny furniture.The second type of means – formulations based on wax. Besides cleaning and giving Shineand furniture, they also form on the surface of a wax film that protects finish from harmful solar rays and water.The third type of funds, usually produced in the form of wipes for polishing furniture. They do an excellent job with the dust, remove the electrification of the surface (thanks to her for furniture attract dust particles)
The second method – Polish improvised. If the surface is polished or lacquered wardrobe chest changed color – darkened, use a mix of vinegar and vegetable oil (1:1). Apply a small amount of the mixture on the darkened surface. A piece of flannel or cotton cloth to RUB with its glittering Shine. If polishing is just faded, use the oil without the addition of vinegar.
Another way of returning a pristine Shineand furniture also applies to home. For him use Tealeaf. Wet tea leaves wrapped in a woolen cloth, and then thoroughly rubbed this kind of swab the polished surface.