Advice 1: How to restore bookmarks

If you are a long time collected database of valuable bookmarks in your browser, but for some reason, accidentally lost access to them or saw that the bookmark somehow disappeared from the menu browser, do not rush to despair and to reinstall the browser. The panel of bookmarks it is easy to restore, and we will tell you how to do it, for example, widespread among Internet users of the browser Mozilla Firefox.
How to restore bookmarks
Open the browser and in the menu bar click "View". In the opened list, move your mouse cursor on the word "Sidebar" on the right opens a subsection of the three points (bookmarks, history, Delicious).
Click on the word "Bookmarks" - then in the sidebar of your browser window will appear with a list of bookmarks, which, however, differs in some characteristics from the usual tab where you can easily manage bookmarks and to add pages to the list.
Above, when you open the subkey, sidebar, you could see there the paragraph toolbar Delicious. If it is installed as a Supplement to your version of Mozilla Firefox that it is to blame for the disappearance of buttons from the bookmarks menu.
Delicious on the toolbar, click on its name to open the list toolbar functions. In the list find the line Show bookmarks menu and click on it.
After that, the bookmarks button should return to the menu bar, and open the side panel window you do not need – again favorites will be displayed in the usual format.
If the cause of the disappearance of the bookmarks button is not in toolbar Delicious, try asking the question in the Mozilla support or on the forum of developers and users browser, and try to reinstall the browser if the previous methods do not help to restore the bookmark.
Sidebar save bookmarks on the computer to reset the program to enter them again.

Advice 2 : How to recover deleted bookmarks

With the defeat of the computer virus, as well as when you have accidentally deleted some data from the computer along with other data can be deleted and bookmarks of the browser. Browser bookmarks that have been deleted, in some cases, be reversed.
How to recover deleted bookmarks
Browser bookmarks are usually stored in the folder of the profile. For example, the Mozilla Firefox browser, bookmarks are stored in the directory C:Documents and SettingsuserApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfiles. It is possible that after the removal of the browser bookmark folder is in this directory. Installing Mozilla Firefox to another location, just copy the favorites folder and paste it in the profile folder. Thus , the deleted bookmarks can be restored.
Restoring the bookmarks will cease to be a problem if you use the Google Chrome browser. This browser uses a unique synchronization technology, allowing you to save bookmarks to a Google account, and if necessary import them to other computers and devices. In order to use the synchronization, it is sufficient to have a Google account (mail Gmail). Synchronization is done after the username and password in the browser settings. Besides bookmarks browser sinhroniziruete extensions, themes, and even passwords stored in the account.
If bookmarks of one browser was lost, but the same bookmarks left in another browser, then using special software, you can import them. To import bookmarks into another browser, use Transmute. It is very easy to use and supports Internet Explorer, Firefox all versions, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Chromium, Flock, Konqueror, SeaMonkey. With the help of this program to restore lost bookmarks in a matter of minutes.
Useful advice
Often make backups of a folder with bookmarks.
Create an account in the online bookmarking services. This will allow you to never lose saved bookmarks.

Advice 3 : How to return bookmark

Someone said that the backup will save the world. In the case of the restoration of bookmarks in the browser this statement is more than true. If you are afraid of losing links to the resources you need, made to your bookmarks, from time to time save it on the hard disk of the computer.
How to return bookmark
Browser MozillaFirefox, there is the possibility to create a backup copy of the bookmarks with a few clicks of the mouse. To do this, start the browser and in the top menu bar select "Bookmarks". Click with the left mouse button on the item "Show all bookmarks" or press Ctrl, Shiftи B. Opens the dialog box "Library".
In the opened window, in the top menu bar, select "Import and backup" and select "Backup". Save the bookmarks in a folder, which then can easily be found. A file with the default bookmark is named bookmarks-[year]-[month]-[number].json. Do not save bookmarks on the same drive where the operating system resides – in the event of an unforeseen need to reinstall the bookmarks will be lost.
To recover bookmarks that were previously stored on the hard disk, open the window "Library" as described in first steps. In the menu "Import and backup" select "Restore" from the submenu, specify the desired file name. If you have not reflected the list of copies of the bookmarks, click "Choose file" and browse to the desired file. Close the window "Library".
If you have stopped to display visual bookmarks (option available in addition to Yandex.Bar), make sure that the Supplement is not disabled. To do this, in the top menu bar of the browser, click "Tools" in the drop-down menu click on "add-Ons" or hit Ctrl, Shift and A.
In the window that opens, navigate to "Extensions" and wait until will be displayed the entire list of add-ons. Find the Yandex.Bar and make sure that the Supplement actively. If not, click "Enable" and restart the browser. If visual bookmarks still do not appear, then return to section "Extensions".
Click "Settings" in the line Yandex.Bar will open a new dialog box. Go to the "Settings" tab and under "Miscellaneous" set the marker in margin next to the line "Show visual bookmarks when you open a new tab or window". Click OK to the new settings took effect.

Advice 4 : Where Google Chrome stores bookmarks

Google Chrome multi-browser open source, which allows changing internal parameters in accordance with the requirements of the user. For example, browser allows you to manually edit the bookmarks by working with the actual configuration files, which are stored all necessary data.
Where Google Chrome stores bookmarks

The placement of the tabs Google Chrome

All your Google Chrome bookmarks located in the user directory of Windows system. In Windows 7 and 8, this folder is located at "start" - "Computer" - "Local disk C:" - Users - "your user Name". After this, you will need to change to the folder AppData – Local – Google – Chrome – User Data – Default. In this section are kept the documents, which contain all the files that contain the settings tabs.

In Windows XP this directory is presented in a different folder, accessible, open "My computer" - "Local disk C:" Documents and Settings "username" Local Settings – Application Data – Google – Chrome – User Data – Default.

If you can not see these directories, then their display is turned off in your system. To access the bookmark file you need to enable showing hidden folders in the system settings. To do this, open any folder in Windows and click on the "tools" menu from the top pane of the window "Conductor". In the context menu call up the "folder Options" ("folder options" in Windows XP). Go to the tab "View" and go down to the bottom of the settings list, where you can find the option "Show hidden files". After that, click "OK" to apply the settings.
The file that stores the settings of your browser bookmarks called Bookmark.

Edit the bookmarks manually

The Bookmark file can be opened for quick editing by using the utility "Notepad", included in the list of standard programs of the system. To use the program, double click on the file and in the list select the appropriate option.
You may want to save the Bookmarks file to any removable media, in order not to lose access to old bookmarks when you reinstall or uninstallation of the browser.

In the window you will see the configuration file of bookmarks with a list of necessary data that can be changed. The file is divided into sections with various names. After the division of the roots: lists all folders and links stored in the browser. Then in quotes is the name of the directory where the bookmark is stored. For example, bookmark_bar responsible for bookmarks stored in the bookmarks bar.

In the line id represented by the ID of the bookmark that should not be set. The name parameter contains the name of the file that can be changed. So, you can modify "name": "google chrome" "name" : "Google chrome". The type parameter can have the values of url or folder that corresponds to the bookmark and subfolder respectively. Line is responsible for the url address of the bookmark, which can also be changed. For example, "url": "".
It is not necessary to remove the braces, which are in the file because you can damage the bookmark list.

Edit the necessary lines in the file, and then save the changes with the command "File" - "Save". After that, start the browser on the system and check your changes by navigating to the main menu "Bookmarks". How to manually edit the file completed.
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