Advice 1: How to restore bookmarks

If you are a long time collected database of valuable bookmarks in your browser, but for some reason, accidentally lost access to them or saw that the bookmark somehow disappeared from the menu browser, do not rush to despair and to reinstall the browser. The panel of bookmarks it is easy to restore, and we will tell you how to do it, for example, widespread among Internet users of the browser Mozilla Firefox.
How to restore bookmarks
Open the browser and in the menu bar click "View". In the opened list, move your mouse cursor on the word "Sidebar" on the right opens a subsection of the three points (bookmarks, history, Delicious).
Click on the word "Bookmarks" - then in the sidebar of your browser window will appear with a list of bookmarks, which, however, differs in some characteristics from the usual tab where you can easily manage bookmarks and to add pages to the list.
Above, when you open the subkey, sidebar, you could see there the paragraph toolbar Delicious. If it is installed as a Supplement to your version of Mozilla Firefox that it is to blame for the disappearance of buttons from the bookmarks menu.
Delicious on the toolbar, click on its name to open the list toolbar functions. In the list find the line Show bookmarks menu and click on it.
After that, the bookmarks button should return to the menu bar, and open the side panel window you do not need – again favorites will be displayed in the usual format.
If the cause of the disappearance of the bookmarks button is not in toolbar Delicious, try asking the question in the Mozilla support or on the forum of developers and users browser, and try to reinstall the browser if the previous methods do not help to restore the bookmark.
Sidebar save bookmarks on the computer to reset the program to enter them again.

Advice 2: How to restore bookmarks in Mozilla

It so happens that when updating the program or reinstalling the operating system selected by a user lost Internet bookmarks in your favorite browser. If this browser is Mozilla Firefox, there are a few simple methods of how to return to their usual place and again enjoy your favorite pages.
How to restore bookmarks in Mozilla
You will need
  • - bookmark backup;
  • browser Mozilla Firefox.
Open the Firefox browser and look under the top menu "Bookmarks". Select the menu item "Show all bookmarks" and click on it. The same effect happens if the browser is open, simultaneously press the key combination "Ctrl + Shift + B". On the screen appears a new window "Library" that contains the necessary tools for managing bookmarks and showing their structure.
If you had to completely replace the existing bookmarks saved, you must go to the menu item "Import and backup". It is located at the top of the new window and contains the following items:

- Backup

- To restore (has sub items)

- Import from HTML

- Export to HTML
Select "Restore", then window opens on the right, where you will see the following options: restore from a backup your browser bookmarks on a certain date or restore from your file. In the latter case means that the user has a backup of your bookmarks in JSON format. If not there, you have to choose the first option, where the preference should be given to the nearest date of the archive. Automatic backup of bookmarks, by default, be program every day.
By selecting the desired item (or putting the path to your backup file), confirm that you want to replace existing bookmarks (the screen will display the message "All your current bookmarks will be replaced with bookmarks from a backup. Are you sure?")

After the procedure, you will see the bookmarks from the backup in their original places, and their structure can be viewed by repeating steps from step 1.
The variant of restoration of bookmarks using import from HTML file (menu "Import and backup", the item "Import from HTML"). In this case, you must export bookmarks to HTML, saving the file in a place accessible to you and, if necessary, to restore already through it. However, this possibility exists only in the presence of the specified file, and is not suitable in cases of sudden failures.
Useful advice
For any upcoming manipulations with the operating system and reinstall the software, it is recommended to create a backup of your bookmarks in the browser using the menu "Import and backup", subparagraph "Backup".

To store the backup files of bookmarks, it is better to use portable drives, or flash drives. They will not fail in situations where the local computer for some reason lost the data or not workable.

Advice 3: How to restore the sidebar

The side panel Windows is a long, vertical panel on the side of the desktop. It contains mini applications that provide quick access to most used functions: calendar, weather in your city, exchange rates, etc. can be configured, add a new app, hide or show on top of other Windows. The side panel can be closed, sometimes by accident, and then you want her back. To recover side panel, perform the following steps.
How to restore the sidebar
Maybe the bar is just hidden. Hover over the system tray in the lower right corner of the monitor and find the sidebar icon. Click the right mouse button and select "Open". The same effect can be achieved by pressing the key combination "Win"+"G" or "Win"+"Space". If the panel appeared fine. If the sidebar icon in the system tray is not present – go to the next step.
Run the command: "start" - "All programs" - "Accessories" - "Side panel Windows. The side panel is restored.
Again hover over the system tray and locate the icon for the sidebar. Click the right mouse button and select "Properties". In the appeared window check the "Start side bar when Windows starts". If you skip this step, turning on the computer's side panel will not appear. In most cases these steps is enough to recover the side panel. If no – go to step 4.
Right-click the panel task (at the bottom of the screen) and select "task Manager".
"Task Manager" you can also call by pressing the key combination "CTRL" + "SHIFT" + "ESC".Open the Processes tab and find the process Sidebar.exe. Highlight it by clicking on it and click "End process". You will be prompted "do You want to complete the process?" – click on "End process". Close the window "task Manager". Then restart the computer.After the computer restarts, repeat from step 2: "start" - "All programs" - "Accessories" - "Side panel Windows. The side panel is restored.

Advice 4: How to restore the bookmark

Storage addresses of pages of the sites in almost all modern programs web surf - browsers - is "Panel bookmarks". Its advantage compared to, for example, "speed dial" or "Favorites" is that these links are always present on the crane and to move just a click of the mouse. This panel in the application interface can be removed or restored at will.
How to restore the bookmark
In the Opera browser in order to return the previously hidden "Panel bookmarks", open menu - press Alt, or click the button with a stylized symbol of the Opera. Go to "Toolbar" and press the letter "P" or click on the line "Panel bookmarks". Item browser interface as a result of this action will come back to its place under the address bar.
Internet-Internet Explorer "Panel bookmarks", but there are "Panel favourites". To return it to display, right-click the title bar of the application and from the context menu select "Panel favourites". The same item is in the section "Panels" section in the "View" menu in your browser - you can use this option as well.
In Google Chrome via the context menu of the application window, this panel can only be disabled, and to return it is easiest to use hot keys - hit Ctrl + Shift + B and it will come back. The menu, disclosed by a click on the icon with the image of a spanner, also there is a link on this team. To use it, go to "Bookmarks" and select "Always show bookmarks".
Mozilla Firefox is very similar to Internet Explorer mechanisms enable the display "Panel bookmarks". Here, click the right mouse button on the title bar opens a context menu with the right team, select the line "Panel bookmarks". And a duplicate of this string is placed in the same section of the menu, and in Internet Explorer - "View". Open it, go to the section "toolbars" and select "Panel bookmarks".
In the Apple Safari browser, press the Alt key to make the window title bar appear with the menu, and click "View". The item you need here is called "Show tabs" - select it and the toolbar will be restored.

Advice 5: Where are my bookmarks Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, though conceded the palm to Google Chrome, firmly holds the second place in popularity in the world. His love for speed and comfortable support of a large number of tabs. The performance of the Opera depends on its method of storage - including tabs, passwords, and page visits.
Where are my bookmarks Mozilla Firefox

Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox and the method of their storage

Mozilla Firefox on the January 2014 covers about 28% of all users of Internet resources, and the speed it comes on the heels of its closest competitor. To ensure the speed of the browser storage of all data is implemented through the database in the form of a profile (set of files) for each user. The default profile is created at the time of first entrance in the Opera, but you can add others using the Profile Manager.

If you are interested in bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox, the location depends on the version of your system. For WindowsXP the path to the folder with the bookmark looks like "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\nazvaniya.Default for Windows7 and Vista - like "C:\Users\Имя_пользователя\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\название_профиля.default". The name of the profile - a set of random numbers and letters.

A set of files located in the profile folder that has the extension. sqlite is the SQlite database elements with which the browser is running. By their names it is easy to determine what elements they contain - the file will have the name of places.sqlite and contain information not only about the bookmarks, but also about the visited sites. Files signons.sqlite and key3.db responsible for your passwords and encryption in the file formhistory.sqlite stores all data for auto-filling of forms on websites where you subscribe to this function and search queries, logins, registration details and other such information.

What to do with bookmarks?

If you want if you reinstall the browser on the same operating system to save all your previous settings, copy the profile folder before the uninstallation of the old version. After installing the new version of Mozilla Firefox, paste the profile folder into the same directory where it was. The Profiles folder likely already contains a folder with svejesobranna the default profile. If the names are the same, just replace the new folder to the old one, if not, rewrite the name of an folder, delete it and rename the folder with the old profile.

If you install Mozilla Firefox after the default browser was Internet Explorer, the program will automatically offer you to import all the bookmarks. This will allow you to save all information and not to transfer it manually. In this case, information about these tabs, also written in the profile.

If you want to backup your browser's bookmarks, there is an automatic tool for Firefox export bookmarks - this will create an HTML file that then allows you to import bookmarks from any other browser in any version of Firefox.
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