You will need
  • Opera Browser.
Start Opera and open the main menu of the application. In normal cases this is done by clicking on the button with a picture of a fragment of the letter "s" - the logo of the browser. But if you cannot view the tab bar, it is likely that the interface disappeared and this button - by default it is located to the left of the missing panel. In this case, to open menus using the Alt key.
From the menu, choose "toolbars", and in it the string "Bar tabs". Then next to that line a tick will appear, and the application interface will have to come back right panel.
Is there another way to enable display of the tab bar. To use it, click on any menu item, right-click and POPs up the context menu, select "Registration" under "Customize". The browser will open a separate settings window on the tab "toolbars". Check the box next to "tab Bar" and click OK.
By default Opera comes with the option of using tabs instead of separate Windows. However, the user can disable it or such trouble may happen as a result of a failure of the browser. In this case you need to re-enable the desired setting. To do this, open the main program settings - open the menu and select "General settings" under "Settings". You can do it faster if you use the key combination Ctrl + F12.
In the settings window, select the "Advanced" tab and click "Settings tab" of open section, in the default "Tab". The button to access optional settings, among which you need to find the "allow window with no tabs". Untick the checkbox from this form field and click the OK button. The same button and close the main settings window, then the tabbed panel will appear in the application interface.