You will need
  • the Internet service "Yandex bookmarks"
Sign up on the website if you haven't already. Visit the page at: To save your bookmarks, click on the Export tab. In the opened window select "Save file" and click OK.
Bookmarks pumped fully in all directory. The file is saved under the name bookmarks.html in the downloads folder of your browser. If you don't know what the folder view in the browser settings. Or on the download page click the downloaded file and from the context menu choose "Show file in folder".
Create in "My documents" folder, for example "Bookmarks Yandex". Move the file to it bookmarks.html.
Rename the file, for example, 19_03_2012 – by date or however you like. Do not delete the extension (.html).
Periodically export your bookmarks from "Yandex".
To restore your bookmarks go to the service and log in. Click on the "Import" tab. In the "from", select "From file" and click "Browse".
Find the folder "Bookmarks Yandex", and in it the file you want. In the field "In existing folder" select the root folder (the topmost, if any). Otherwise bookmarks produblirovat. In the "You are not a robot" enter the check digit and then click "Import".