Advice 1: How to enter a master

If you received a diploma, and realized that want to continue studying, you can enroll in a master's degree. To enroll in the master's degree is technically difficult, however there are some nuances about which you should know.
How to enter a master
After graduation you can enroll in the master course of the University you graduated from and any other. However, when planning the educational future you have to consider that if you studied for five years and received a diploma, you will study in the magistracy on a paid basis (see the law in the second higher education). If you studied four years and received a bachelor's degree, you are eligible to receive a master's degree for free. Deferment students in the master's degree is available.
Once you've dealt with the University in which you want to obtain a masters degree, pay attention to the requirements set by this University. In General they are the same: the admissions office must submit a diploma, six photographs, a list of publications (if any), and recommendations (if they are there).
The next step for admission to the master's will be the passage of entrance tests. You will need to pass core subject and English language. In some universities, the English exam is assessed as pass/no credit" may be accepted certificates of completion of language courses.
Many graduates are concerned about what to do in master's? And the answer is often the determining factor in making a final decision.Master's degree deepens your knowledge, preparing you for a science career that you can pursue in graduate school. In addition, you have an opportunity to explore a completely different area of activity.Every year more and more Russian universities are accredited abroad and have the opportunity to train students on double degree programs (after completion of the programme you will receive an international master's degree).Many advantages, you just have to choose the University where you want to continue training.

Advice 2 : How to master

The magistracy is the second stage of higher education, preceded by several years of study at the Institute or University. A masters degree can enhance your skills and prepare for admission to graduate school.
How to master
You will need
  • documents for admission to the magistracy, master's work, the admission to protection
In order to do a master's degree, you need to tell in the middle of the last year learning about the desire to get a master's degree officer graduate teacher on your faculty. This is due to the fact that the number of vacancies will always reflect in advance and should correspond to the real needs of students and the University. Then summer will be positive enough to pass the entrance exam to be paid or credited to the budget form of training in the magistracy is determined by the results of the competition.
Before the entrance examination is open to those who managed to submit the required documents within the prescribed period. The list of required documents you can check or on the website of the University or in postgraduate Department of the institution where you are going to do. Recall that you have to be recommended for admission and the statement prepared following the meeting of the Board of the Department. Your academic performance during the training should be above average.
Since teaching in the master's degree requires a high research activity of a student, his initiative and independence, you need to find a supervisor, under whose guidance you will be able to unleash their scientific potential. With the head, which should be a candidate or doctor of Sciences, you must formulate a plan and a theme of master's work.
In fact, write and design master's thesis – this is the main task of teaching. But the curriculum assumes that you will read the disciplines which will be necessary to pass tests and exams. In addition to courses in psychology, you will have a philosophy and a foreign language.
The procedure for the protection of the master's work is similar to the protection of the diploma and since you already passed, you will be somewhat easier to prepare for it.
As a result, the selection Committee announces the names of those, who has a master's degree, and who are recommended for admission to graduate school.
The masters degree is awarded within the prescribed period in a festive atmosphere.
During graduate you need to not only write scientific articles and abstracts, and to publish them.
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