Find out the criteria at the teacher. Universal advice is "learn all" with Mat. the analysis does not pass, it would be much smarter to "not jump above the head". Check with your teacher, what are the criteria for putting on 3, 4 and 5, and do the force calculation depending on what you do best. For example, if "three" is solved the problem without any theory, and evaluation satisfies you – it is wise not to engage in theory generally, but only to sort out practical tasks. Similarly, if the solution of the problem required only to evaluate "5", then decide for yourself – do you need to waste your precious time.
Identify the main topics that you took for the semester. It can be said that a "minimum program" that you need to know in five, even if you're going to get "three". For example, there may be included: integration, double integration, differential equations and series. In the early stages of training do not proceed from tickets and bring to insight the basic concepts studied during the semester. This is important because professors love to ask "further questions" it is from this area.
Get a notebook, which will in detail write all the tickets. It does not attempt to literally duplicate every ticket material from the lectures. Try to think about written to highlight main points and record all the "outline" which is understandable only to you. Experience shows that during such reflection the student thoroughly learns and remembers the material.
An alternative (or addition) painting tickets – reading textbooks without training for something specific. This method is very specific, but under one condition: if your teacher requires from the students a shared understanding, not learning insights. Try to consistently read the relevant literature (one of the best is the tutorial Smirnov "a Course of higher mathematics"), and try to understand, to realize every Chapter. The worst thing you can do is mindlessly trying to score formulas the head. If you can't paint is the ticket, but in any case, will not "float" in the additional questions, thanks to which are guaranteed to pass the exam – because "two" is only for level zero of knowledge.