You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the document on education;
  • - money to pay for education;
  • package of documents for student visa, depending on the requirements of the Consulate of the particular country.
First you need to choose the country where you would like to learn for one reason or another, specialty you would like to obtain, and a school where you can do it. It is advisable to compare several options to select the most suitable price and quality.

You can seek help in a specialized Agency on education abroad. But nothing prevents to carry out this work independently. Any self-respecting foreign educational institution usually has a website with all the necessary information. Many countries have specialized organizations involved in attracting foreign students and also have sites, some even with the Russian version. Can assist often at the diplomatic representation of the country interested in Russia.
If you decide to use the services of the Agency, you only need to bring documents required for educational institutions, and then for student visa, if any.

If you make an independent decision of the question will have to apply to the selected University. For example, to send a request by email, preferably in the language of the country concerned. But it is possible and in English, and in some cases, and Russian.

We will also discuss the terms on which you may be provided accommodation in the campus (student residence) or other options.
If you do not know the language in which you will teach, or speak it well enough, it will have to pull. This can be done both at home and abroad, including courses at the chosen institution. The requirement often serves as a certificate of language proficiency is not below a certain level.

For example, TOEFL or IELTS in English.
Give the University the necessary documents, translated into the language of the country or English. Some countries may stipulate the entrance examinations, but often they are not required.

Definitely need a high school diploma or other education document, you may need your passport.

Then pay for the necessary services on the invoice.
If between Russia and the interested country has a visa regime, will have to get a student visa. Requirements to the package of documents each Consulate is different.

But in General, I want to see confirmation that you paid the tuition and accommodation, you are enrolled in a course, you have medical insurance for the period of validity of the visa and the money for accommodation in the country. The amount and the ways to confirm her existence (certificate from the Bank, traveler's checks or otherwise) should check with the Consulate.

If a student visa entitles you to work to advertise the intention to use it should not.

With ready visa, you must in due time to arrive in country and begin classes.