You will need
  • - socket or swivel head;
  • - the wrench;
  • - sharp chisel;
  • - straight and Phillips screwdriver;
  • - impact screwdriver;
  • - drill;
  • - gas burner.
If you are faced with the problem of unscrewing the stripped screw with a damaged faces, armed with a swivel key or a head. These tools should help you. If the key or head on the screw is not worn, try to gently tap on the selected instrument with a small hammer.
If faces ripped off on the screw there at all, try to loosen it a small adjustable wrench. If you do not work, use a more complex way. With a sharp chisel make a groove in the "hood" stripped screw. Then hit it a few times at an angle, guiding the chisel in the direction of unscrewing. Doing this, you can easily remove pristavu to the screw nut. The screw will have to cut and drill.
To Unscrew the little screw with straight or Phillips slots, take a suitable screwdriver, insert it in the slots and hitting at her arm with a hammer, carefully Unscrew the stripped screw.
To Unscrew the stripped screw you can and using an impact screwdriver. Hit it on the edge of the "cap" in the direction to loosen until the screw won't come out.
Sometimes to Unscrew the stripped screw is possible only with the help of a drill. To do this, insert a tool of suitable size extractor (a device for unscrewing stripped screws) and make a "cap" screw blind hole depth of 10-15mm (depending on the length of the stripped screw). Then turn the extractor into the Chuck of a drill so that the conical tap-wertish was working part. Using the slow speed drill, start to loosen the stripped screw.
To Unscrew the stripped screw by using a gas burner. For this heat either the screw or the part into which it is twisted. If you heated the part, proceed to the cooling of the screw. If you heated the screw, cool detail. As a result of the temperature difference between the stripped screw should be loosen.