You will need
  • - pliers;
  • - claw hammer;
  • - means, the solvent rust;
  • - chemical solvents;
  • - pliers.
Remove the rusted metal is almost pointless - try to pull out. To pull the nail , take the pliers and clamp them on the hat (in this case, if it sticks out above the surface). Rotate the pliers along with the nail counterclockwise and pull at yourself. The perform this job with a special tool – puller. Its handle is designed so that it does not require much effort. Claw are both large and small studs. To left on boards after the dent work the tool under the support, put a wooden block.
Heat a nail (you can use a soldering iron), it will expand, and when cooled, pull the bonnet - pull will be much easier. But this method is not suitable if the nail is badly damaged by rust. Can remove it using special tools.
Take advantage of special chemical solvents which, when coming in contact with oxidized metal, corrode the top layer. Raskatayte nail and gently using a small syringe-type liquid along its trunk, or just moisten the cotton wool with solvent and cover the product. Wait a few minutes and try to pull the nail, leave for a minute and turn again.
If you grab the rest of the nail is not possible, carefully cut the wood around the body of the nail groove and pull it out with pliers. Then seal the hole.
Can knock out a nail with the back of the wedge, using a nail larger. When the cap will be above the surface of the wood, remove the nail with pliers.
If none of these options help, then leave it in place, but try to drive deeper and seal the hole with putty for wood.