Metal dowelMetal dowel-nail to take out the hardest. Take a heavy hammer and raskatayte crpes. If not, then close, as close as possible to the dowel, drill another hole. With him to shatter easier. Loose dowel to get not working.
Plastic dowelit Happens that during the repair you take off the Wallpaper and find an old plastic dowel. More you do not need. Here all is easier. Leave it in place, it is obvious that when you remove the hole in the wall will increase. You don't want to plug the wall, wasting time and effort. But if you need very close to drill a hole for the new plug, the old still remove. Use a regular corkscrew. Screw it into the nylon and the movement itself, remove the plug from the wall. Released paper over the hole with plaster. When the plaster has hardened, can be next to drill a new hole.
Plastic dowel with a broken screw nutrivet he will make you work a little bit more serious. Refrain from thinking to drill it out, as the steel screw is very durable. Will have to go to the trick.
Take a hot soldering iron at 60-70 watts and heat the plug with a stub of a screw. Plastic plugs will melt and you a needle or tweezers pull out the screw. If not, then hook screw and using tweezers warm it further. After a few minutes it still falls out.
The second sposobnostima thin-walled steel tube. The diameter of the tube choose the one with a diameter of the dowel. At the end of the tube with a needle file make the four teeth. Use the resulting product as a drill. This tube enters the hole without any problems and will come right out with the screw. Start drilling at a low speed of rotation and gradually increase it. Even if your dowel is made of durable material, high speed steel tube is hot, and you will be able to burn the dowel.