In order to pump the brakes Unscrew the bleeder on wheels. Often a situation arises when they are very "stuck" or they ripped all the splines. And even lubricant WD-40 that always comes to the rescue in this situation is powerless.
In this case, buy a socket the right diameter, whose head is cut and clamped the side screw. This key is also called cut. Try to use it to Unscrew the rusted nipple. If that doesn't work, and the switch just cuts off the metal from the head fitting, which has long turned into a cylinder, then you have to resort to tricks.
Find microdrill with which to drill in the head of the key through hole, then put the fitting on the key and the most tighten. Again take up microdrill and drill 2-3 mm make a hole, which passes through the key head and the fitting. Insert long pin, which well suited the shank from the forest. Nail do not take, because in the future it will be very difficult to pull out. Apply a little bit of effort, and fitting will be in your hands. Take the pliers and use them to remove the pin from the hole.
If no drills, you can use another way and remove the fitting by welding. To do this, put the key on the part and weld to one another. Then start to Unscrew the fitting, applying maximum force.
Another way to loosen a stuck fitting is the following. Pick up a hammer and swipe. Be careful not to hit the caliper, which can lead to serious problems. If necessary, make a few strokes to achieve the desired result. Remember that it is always better to check the condition of all parts and keep track of them.