You will need
  • - epoxy adhesive;
  • - tap;
  • and tapping oil;
  • - threaded wertish;
  • Kern.
Select the how to restore a thread, depending on the operating conditions of the structure. You can restore it, using epoxy glue.
Fill in the epoxy glue in the hole and wait for a while until it slightly hardens. Replace the bolt and wait for complete drying of the polymer. You must know that this method of restoring the thread is not suitable for parts that perceive high loads and vibration, as well as components and structures in high temperatures.
In another method, first drilled the damaged hole using the HSS high tensile strength. Cut the threads with a tap of the desired size, using special thread-cutting oil.
Oil the cutting edges of the tool in the process of cuttingto shavings sticking to it and not fell into the hole. If cutting is done with effort, rinse the tap with kerosene and put some oil on its edges. In this method of recovery threads, the hole will get larger.
If you increase the diameter of the hole is impossible, restore it to the thread using wertish. He is a hollow cylindrical fixture having inside and outside sliced the thread size and step.
Drill a hole with a drill bit. Choose the tap that corresponds to the outer diameter of virtusa, and cut the thread. Install in hole wertish. Cut if necessary, it exposed the upper part. Apply with Kern ticks on the border of the new thread and wertish so he wouldn't get out of the hole.
If possible, zaplovite hole with damaged threads, using welding. Then drill in the same place new desired diameter. It cut the threads using a tap wrench. This method of recovery is considered the most reliable. A new hole can also be made adjacent to old, permitting the construction details.