In the process of unscrewing the stripped screw faces is not hard to aggravate the situation, if the force continue to wash already violated holes. This is especially true when using a screwdriver.

Remove worn out screws it is possible only at a slow pace, gently but with a certain force pushing the screwdriver in the desired direction. It is best to cope with this task a new screwdriver with a good tip.

If the screw does not give in, you can use the following method. With a hair dryer or a more powerful heater warms up the cap screw. Further, it must also contrast with the cool by ice. When heated, metal expands, and when cooled the opposite – shrinking. This will improve the responsiveness of the remaining terrain to the manipulation of the screwdriver.

In that case, if the thread derailed completely, can help the pliers. With their help it is necessary to capture the corners of the cap at the sides and gently scroll is screwed in the screw.

If this does not work, you should take the hacksaw. With its help, the head of the screw is made a longitudinal recess about 1 mm. Further, using a flat-head screwdriver unscrewed the screw at the resulting furrow.