You will need
  • - Jack;
  • - brace.
Before starting, lock the car, secure it from moving forward/backward. This will include a lower gear, put the car on the hand brake and install two corner – protivootecna under the front and under the rear wheel. Make it so that one hindered the movement of the car forward and the other back.

Put the Jack on the installation place closer to the wheel, which are going to remove. Slightly lift the machine until the load on the Jack.
Cylinder key start to Unscrew the bolts, turning them into ½ - 1 turn.

Raise the car Jack until a level when between the wheel and the surface where there is car, there will be free space of 3-5cm. then Unscrew all the wheel bolts to the end. Take the wheel off.

Not always work runs smoothly, sometimes there are unforeseen difficulties – the wheel bolts do not get loose. Reasons for this may be several:

  • excessive tightening of the bolts when installing the wheels;

  • the appearance of corrosion on the threads of the bolt or the wheel hub;

  • use for attaching non-standard bolts.

What to do in this case?

The most reliable – to trust the experts. Spare your energy and nerves and, if a bolt doesn't want to Unscrew, put inside-bolts in place and go for a HUNDRED.

If you are used to overcome the difficulties independently, try to use a few tricks to wringing "naughty" bolts.
Reception the first: soak the bolts with penetrating lubricant WD-40 or kerosene, brake fluid. To do this, they soak the cloth and put it on the bolts. Soak a while and try to break the bolt vraskachku, i.e. turning it in one direction and then the other. The handle of the key can extend, thereby increasing torque.
Reception two: heat the bolts. Better to do it with a gas burner. Prostatite to heat the bolt with a hammer. Heated the bolts try to twist.
Reception three: when everything is tested, and the bolt remains in place, and the head of his already badly injured, weld it to a piece of pipe or a nut of larger diameter.

If there is a need to change a tire during the trip (puncture of the camera, puncture tires, etc.), and the wheel bolts are not unscrewed, there are 2 ways to get out of this situation without serious losses:

  1. Call a tow truck, which will deliver your car to the nearest service station, where he will be in need of repair.

  2. Swap the wheel to the motor and start moving. Repeat this action more than once (as the fall in air pressure in the tire) until you reach the STO.