Advice 1: How to Unscrew a small screw (screw) with a blown head

If you need to disassemble Nostoc or telephone for repair or cleaning, but you found that the mounting screws stripped Phillips head is not a reason to despair.
How to Unscrew a small screw (screw) with a blown head
You will need
  • - small screwdriver;
  • cyanoacrylate;
  • - soldering iron with narrow tip;
  • - drill and small drill bit.
Usually on the threads of the smaller screws before tightening apply paint to increase the mounting strength. Therefore, if the head is still not fully thwarted - try to heat it with a soldering iron with a fine tip. It is important not to overdo it, because if the screws are in the plastic part of the case - they can proplavit to the screw.

After heating immediately try to Unscrew the screw - it should be easier. The main thing here is not to overdo it, so as not to derail the thread completely.
If the thread derailed completely, You will help the superglue. Squeeze glue in the stripped hole of the head and insert the screwdriver. Push the screwdriver for your screw and screwdriver. Not sutite a screwdriver until the glue dries!
After waiting some time (depending on drying speed of glue), carefully, without sudden movements, start to Unscrew the screw, gradually adding force.

Also, instead of glue you can try to drip solder, but it is less effective.
If all the above measures do not help, take a drill with a drill diameter equal to the diameter of the screw head. Carefully drill out only the head (!) screw trying as possible to touch plastic parts, in which is screwed the screw. After You disassemble the laptop (phone) portion of the screw will remain stuck from the lower part of the connection. It can gently remove with pliers.

For the Assembly screw is drilled it is necessary to use a new screw with washer (because the diameter of the holes in the plastic increased after drilling).
If these methods are not suitable and there is no possibility to use the workshop, but the unit should be disassembled, then again, take a soldering iron and constantly heating the screw head at the same time try to separate bonded parts (may need assistance). Soon plastic inner thread of the housing will heat up and fail. Method is bad because for the back Assembly you will need a screw with a larger diameter that in some cases impossible.
Follow all steps carefully, otherwise you can only make it worse.
Useful advice
When loosening/tightening the screws, only use suitable screwdriver figure. This is especially true of propellers -"stars" who have 5 or more ticks to loosen.

Advice 2 : How to Unscrew a stripped screw

During the repair of a car or bike, home or garden machinery you have to Unscrew a lot of fasteners, various metal and other elements. Very often we are faced with a stripped screw, removal of which sometimes seems almost impossible. In fact, to Unscrew the stripped screw is not so difficult.
How to Unscrew a stripped screw
You will need
  • - socket or swivel head;
  • - the wrench;
  • - sharp chisel;
  • - straight and Phillips screwdriver;
  • - impact screwdriver;
  • - drill;
  • - gas burner.
If you are faced with the problem of unscrewing the stripped screw with a damaged faces, armed with a swivel key or a head. These tools should help you. If the key or head on the screw is not worn, try to gently tap on the selected instrument with a small hammer.
If faces ripped off on the screw there at all, try to loosen it a small adjustable wrench. If you do not work, use a more complex way. With a sharp chisel make a groove in the "hood" stripped screw. Then hit it a few times at an angle, guiding the chisel in the direction of unscrewing. Doing this, you can easily remove pristavu to the screw nut. The screw will have to cut and drill.
To Unscrew the little screw with straight or Phillips slots, take a suitable screwdriver, insert it in the slots and hitting at her arm with a hammer, carefully Unscrew the stripped screw.
To Unscrew the stripped screw you can and using an impact screwdriver. Hit it on the edge of the "cap" in the direction to loosen until the screw won't come out.
Sometimes to Unscrew the stripped screw is possible only with the help of a drill. To do this, insert a tool of suitable size extractor (a device for unscrewing stripped screws) and make a "cap" screw blind hole depth of 10-15mm (depending on the length of the stripped screw). Then turn the extractor into the Chuck of a drill so that the conical tap-wertish was working part. Using the slow speed drill, start to loosen the stripped screw.
To Unscrew the stripped screw by using a gas burner. For this heat either the screw or the part into which it is twisted. If you heated the part, proceed to the cooling of the screw. If you heated the screw, cool detail. As a result of the temperature difference between the stripped screw should be loosen.

Advice 3 : How to remove the screw

In the household often have to deal with minor repairs. To fix the faucet, go door to repair the washing machine or the vacuum cleaner – the range of possible tasks is wide enough. During the repair, sometimes you have to face a situation when you need to Unscrew the old one, firmly stuck, the screw.
How to remove the screw
You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - wrenches;
  • - hammer;
  • - chisel;
  • - blowtorch;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - industrial dryer;
  • - kerosene;
  • - turpentine;
  • - sulfuric acid solution;
  • - a piece of zinc;
  • - graphite lubricant.
If the screw cannot Unscrew, and you're afraid to disrupt the screwdriver to his head, try to use the following methods. If you allow the mechanism to which it is screwed up, tap the screw with a hammer, and substituting to it from different sides of the screwdriver. Due to strikes in the region of the thread cracks appear that can facilitate the twisting of the screw. When there is not enough power to move the screw and screwdriver scrolls in the hands, catch it over the flat part of the wrench. With this lever you will have a multiplier effect applied to the screw force.
A good option is the heating of the recalcitrant screwand or boltand in the flame of a blowtorch, followed by cooling with water. This method also provides the appearance of microcracks along the thread due to the thermal expansion during heating and contraction during cooling. Of course, this method is not so often, since not every detail can be heated in a similar way. Alternatively, instead of a blowtorch, you can use a soldering iron or heat gun, this option is suitable for small screws.
If it is impossible to Unscrew the screw should fill it with turpentine or kerosene. If the screw is oriented vertically, make from clay rim around it and pour the kerosene into the formed tray. Please wait one hour and try again to Unscrew the screw.
In some cases radical option – head screwand is cut down with a chisel, the threaded part is drilled if necessary.
If you are trying to Unscrew the old bolt and stripped the wrench facets of his head, followed by the hacksaw (or just a piece of the saw blade) to prepare the head smaller. Enough to saw off the two faces. Then fill the bolt with kerosene, leave for an hour, and then try to Unscrew.
A large bolt to try to loosen with a hammer and chisel. Put the chisel to the bolt head and try to hit it with strong blows of a hammer. In many cases, this fails and then the bolt can be unscrewed with a wrench.
There is the electrochemical version of the old loosening the screws and bolts. Make around the head of the screwand the rim of the clay, put into the resulting bath a piece of zinc, and pour dilute sulphuric acid. Forming a galvanic element in which the rust will actively dissolve. A day later you will be able easily enough to Unscrew the stuck screw.
Make it a rule when installing new equipment, however they were not to lubricate the screws and bolts, which in the future may have to twist it. Use a graphite grease even after several years of being in very adverse conditions protected so the screw will easily unscrewed.
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