The standard settings of the iPhone allow the user to configure notifications for almost any event, including messages from programs. To configure the frequency and method of new information on the screen, go to menu "Settings" - "Notifications". Pop-up menus can be displayed in different ways, in accordance with the setting of the application. In the left pane of the "Sounds" you can change the vibration parameters in the new call, adjust volume, calendar reminders, choose ringtone. Play sound iPhone can when receiving messages, e-mail, voice mail, reminders, lock, text input from the keyboard.
Devices on the Android operating system to automatically display messages from the application status bar the top of the screen. From the Market you can also install additional software that allows you to view all notifications without turning the running application. For example, a utility Bird Bar Notifications Tool has many options to make the output messages on the screen as convenient.
For Symbian smartphones there are also applications that allow you to configure the notification bar. One of the most powerful tools is RemindMe, allowing to set any reminders any way you like. Download the application from the official website of the developer, connect your phone to PC, install from PC using Ovi Suite. Configure the desktop settings, running the program via a shortcut in the device menu.
Calendar notification displayed on any device. To get information about the upcoming event, set the time and date of future meetings in the Calendar. The phone will automatically display the message text on the display at a specified time.