If your computer has the Windows 7 operating system, install the post gadget is a small application that is placed on the Desk. You can use gadgets: Mail2web, WpCorpMailCheck, Gmail Counter, POP3Cecker and others which can be found on specialized sites, and similar web resources.
After installing the widget, go to its setting. Fill in the appropriate fields in your address and password, set the frequency to check for new mails, select the alert sound to notify you of receipt of mail.
In the settings for some gadgets need to also specify the address of POP3 and SMTP. In the settings of your mailbox that the mail service you'll be able to find this information. Typically, protocols have the following form:,,, etc.
If your computer has an earlier version of Windows or working with gadgets creates you certain inconvenience, set up alerts about new messages directly in your browser.
To do this, go to the store of add-ons (extensions) using the menu of your browser and perform a search query on the word mail. You will be offered a choice of several mini-applications to alert you of new mail. Select the extension that corresponds to your mail service (Gmail, Yandex, Yahoo, etc.) and install it.
Perform setup of the add-on, putting in the settings window username and password to login and also setting the time interval for checking the mailbox. Depending on the chosen additions, you'll receive a notification mail in the form of pop-UPS or digital display number of unread messages in the Inbox.