You will need
  • - the mobile phone.
In particular, this applies to all kinds of newsletters and services with short numbers provided for the money. When you use these services, the phone bill fading away. And not always the user knows where to go its means. To clarify this question will help call the operator to see what numbers are written off large sums from your phone.
Typically, this situation occurs when switching to different links or to sites where you may need your number to send him the access code. As a result, you and your code may not get, and private money from the account to lose a number provided to you unknown services.
To disable such functionality, your operator is unlikely, as they provide additional services. But recommended will. For example, it may be advised to connect the ban on all incoming messages with a paid short numbers. What you will be asked to send an SMS with text "STOP" or "STOP" to the number that occurs the cancellation of your funds. Perfectly valid request for a room 7052 to confirm the rejection of all subscriptions from this number. With the same purpose, you can call the toll free number 8-800-100-7337 and state your request. During this call, you can not worry about the status of your account: the payment for the conversation in this case is not charged.
Then call on 0858 and follow the prompts of the electronic of the system, select the prohibit send and receive messages with the short service numbers. For this you will need to activate "Black-white lists SRA". A few minutes after sending the request you will receive a message that your request has been accepted. The service will be provided during the day.
If you want to disable SMS from other mobile users, this can be done by installing a ban on incoming messages. A similar feature can be found in the phone settings. Or make unwanted numbers to the blacklist. This service for a small monthly fee to provide all the cellular operators.