Some mobile operators do not require additional effort from the subscriber via sms messages. Subscribers need to purchase a SIM card and after activation, the ability to communicate using sms connects automatically. However, some phone models and mobile operators do not support such a function and a service for the exchange of sms-messages must be manually configured.
To configure sms on the phone, you must first, using the Internet to visit the selected provider. This should be done for the purpose of clarification of the terms of services for message transmission. Usually on the website of the operator of the network there are published terms of sms communication, the order and connection rules of message exchange. This will greatly facilitate the setting up this method of communication.
Configuring sms in a cell phone should begin with the definition of the sms center. Sms centre is a contact number, performing the role of the service center at specific service provider. In fact, this room is a "point of connection" for the connection of two subscribers through a message. The sms center number you can find on the respective Internet site and enter it in the cell phone out the window, requiring to specify the coordinates of the center of the exchange of messages.
Further into the sms setup select the type of messages. If you intend to communicate exclusively by text messages, then select message type "Text". If you suspect e-mail, voice or Fax messages, select appropriate items in the setup menu - the "Voice", "Fax", "E-mail".
To be able to get confirmation of message delivery, connect the service "delivery Report". Then in case of delivery of a message, you will receive an sms-notification about receiving a subscriber of your message.