If you are afraid to forget about important meeting or phone call that needs to be done during the day, you can use the alarm clock. The setting method is in particular dependent on the phone model, but, in General, the principle of action is the same. Using the corresponding key on the phone menu.
Using control keys, find the menu item "Alarm clock". Create a new label by selecting from the available list empty position. In certain phone models, you can edit the existing or create a separate label using the available menu commands.
Moving on submenu items labels you created, set the alarm to the "on" state, set your desired alarm time (hours and minutes), set the number of repeats (daily, once, or on a specific day of the week). Select the melody alerts, select the time period over which the melody will be repeated (every 5, 10, 20 minutes and so on). Save, your settings button.
If you need to be reminded, for example, on the day of birth of the person (notification must be done annually), or you have scheduled a meeting next week (next month), then it is better to use the organizer. Log in to a shared phone menu and select the appropriate option.
In the menu to "organizer", select the item "Calendar". Using the navigation buttons locate in the electronic calendar, the day on which you need to recall by highlighting it with a marker. Entering the options of the selected day, find the command "Create". From the submenu, select the label type (appointment, anniversary, holiday, etc.).
The label will become editable. Give it a name ("Meeting N", "N birthday"), specify how often and at what time shall be issued a warning signal and how long it should last. Save the new settings. In the calendar, your chosen date will be highlighted either by the frame or color. At the specified time of a specified day, the phone will remind you about the event which you have saved in the organizer.