Try to send a TEXT message with the word "STOP" or STOP to the number that has sent you a notice. Typically, this command stops sending, and allows you to unsubscribe from the information service. Please note that in some cases the opt-out from a mobile account is removed a certain amount of money.
Disable notifications via the Internet. Access to this service provide all the major mobile operators through their official sites. To obtain a login and password complete a quick registration procedure, and then go to the service with information about current subscriptions. Here you can disable those not needed and to give up all other paid and information services.
Look at the website of your operator a list of USSD commands that are entered using the menu dial on the phone. There should be also a command of the menu access existing subscriptions and connected information services through which you can deactivate some of them.
Please contact the support center of your operator. For this you need to dial a special short code operating within the network: 0890 – subscribers "MTS", 555 subscribers "the Megaphone" and 0611 – subscribers of "Beeline". As soon as talk Voicemail, press "0" key and wait for connection with the operator. Inform the technician that you want to disable SMS alerts and call the appropriate number. Be prepared to provide upon request your passport data and report the current rate of mobile communication.
Visit the phone store of your provider. Contact the managers and ask them to disable unneeded information services. This procedure is not time consuming and it is often free. The office staff may need your client contract and passport.