To set a password on messages via the mobile phone menu go to "Settings" then "Security". In the section "Security" set password often made via the "personal data Protection" (the name of the function may differ depending on the brand and/or model of the mobile phone).
Selecting the option "personal data Protection", you may be prompted to set a password on contacts, personal files, messages (also depending on the brand and/or model of the phone). In the proposed list, select "Messages" and press "OK". After performing these steps, you must enter the password. In most cases a password to protect the private messages matches the lock code of the phone. Default manufacturer mobile phone can be set to codes "0000", "1234" or "12345". If a manufacturer preset code (password) of the phone, it must be specified in the instructions accompanying mobile phone.
To provide greater protection of personal messages, it is recommended to change the code (password). To do this, select the "Security" section (press "Menu" > "Settings" > "Security") the function "Change password". You will be prompted to enter the old password (the password isspecified by the manufacturer), then enter the new password, then new password must be repeated. The new password must be between 4 to 8 characters, most often for the combination of the password can be used numbers and/or letters of the Latin alphabet. New password we recommend that you record. In case of loss of password, please contact the service center.
Set the code (password) to protect the messages you need to enter each time you select the "Messages". After performing these actions, the security of your personal correspondence will be provided.