Find out the details about your tariff. Some operators don't require any extra effort from user in order to connect sms. The subscriber just selected to come to the office to acquire and execute in the order that SIM card, and once it has been activated automatically connects the ability to communicate using sms. But some devices and mobile operators, this function is not supported, and you want to manually configure a service for message exchange.
Use the Internet, visit the website of your mobile operator to configure sms on your phone. This needs to be done to clarify the conditions for providing these services. Usually in the network page operator's published requirements for an sms communication, the rules and regulations governing service connection. This makes it much easier to set up a similar method of communication.
Start setting sms on the phone, with the definition of the sms center. This is the contact numberthat acts as a service centre for a specific service provider and represents the "point of connection" between the two subscribers with messages. The sms center number is usually listed on the corresponding website on the Internet, and it is necessary to enter in the settings window of the phone require you to enter the coordinates of the center of the messaging.
Select sms setup their type. If you plan to share only text sms, then select the message type Text. If you intend to e-mail, Fax or voice messages, you should indicate the relevant paragraphs in the settings menu - "E-mail", "Fax", "Voice".
Connect the service "delivery Report" to have the opportunity of obtaining confirmation of message delivery. In the case of delivery of sms, you will receive a special notification that the subscriber has received your message.