You will need
  • mobile phone, contract for the provision of services with the mobile operator Beeline, e-mail.
Go to the website of the Beeline at the following link:
Make a call to the toll free number - *110*9# with the telephone call details with which you would like to receive.
Wait for a response SMS-message, which will set a temporary password for login.
On the website of the company in the field "Login" enter your mobile number excluding the ahead eight. In the "Password" field, type the received SMS password. Click on the button "Login". Follow the instructions on the website, change the temporary password to a new one. It is desirable that a new password had two Latin letters at the beginning and a few figures, going right after them - for example, Pn173546.
After you login, look under "table of contents". In the "table of contents", locate the "Financial information". In the tab "Financial information" click on the link "Preview" in "Viewing call details".
Set the period of time over which you would like to report about incoming messages.
After confirmation of the order report about incoming messages and SMS back in a few minutes on the tab "Financial information" to view the resulting report in the Ready reports section. Download the report or order it to receive e-mail.