Deciding to buy a kitten of the British Shorthair breed, contact your local feline club. You tell ' catteries with kittens or plan binding. Note that on particularly promising animals sometimes are written long before their birth. But if the offspring of Champions exhibitions does not interest you, choose any vending baby from existing.
A pedigreed kitten can be purchased at the age of 2-3 months. To see a future champion in a fluffy animal to a layman it is impossible at this age the kittens are disproportionate and a little similar to future imposingly handsome. If you want to buy a kitten for future breeding and exhibitions, invite expert on the breed. He will check the documents of the animal and will examine the kitten closely.
Buying promising animal show class, be prepared to spend on it a considerable amount. Expensive and females breed-class parents Champions. Prizes at the exhibitions they will not win, but will be able to participate in breeding. But cats in this class and category of animals pet are much cheaper to knit these cats is not recommended, but they are perfect for the role of a pet.
Before inspecting the kittens look at their parents - at least in the pictures. And the mother and father of the kittens should be fully consistent with the standards of the breed, have strong bones, well-developed massive head, wide chest. Check the genealogies - it must be specified at least four knee titled ancestors. Relatives of Britons should not be a Scottish fold - they are different species, not subject to mixing.
Watch cat mother and kittens. It should be quite sotsializovanomu - without the vagaries to go into the hands of the owner, not to worry. More than "home" would be the mother, the easier it will get used to the new house her cubs. If you dream of a large cat, consider that cats-the Brits are much smaller cats. The son of a graceful mother may well to grow big impressive size.
Inspect the kittens. The best choice is most active, curious and happy baby from the litter. Take the vending kitten in his arms. It needs to be well well-fad, differ thick coat, balanced round head with small ears set well apart and round amber eyes. Check the body of the animal, a good Briton has strong straight legs, broad chest and tough body.
Rate the shade of hair. It is important that the undercoat is not different in color from the guard hairs. Kittens blue and purple colors should be uniform in color of hair, without the silver on the tips. Long nose, pointy muzzle, and almond-shaped eyes are considered a defect of the breed.
If you liked kitten that does not meet strict breed standards, you can purchase it, however, in exhibitions and breeding, he will not participate. But don't buy the obviously sick kitten. Bad breath, watery eyes, dull, tousled hair - telltale signs of illness. A conscientious breeder will never put up for sale a sick animal. If you are offered this kitten, give up the purchase and look for another kennel.