You will need
  • - diesel engine;
  • - the lifting mechanism;
  • - engine oil
  • tools.
Before starting a diesel engine on a Gazelle, to study its structural features. Of course, at first glance, the differences between diesel and gasoline engines not relevant: the same pistons, cylinders and connecting rods. However, in a diesel engine is somewhat reinforced valve parts. Due to this, diesel is able to withstand a higher load than the gasoline engine.
Please note that in a diesel engine the air and fuel is performed separately. First cylinder receives compressed air and only after it is heated to 700-800 degrees, the combustion chamber is fed under high pressure fuel.
After examining the features of diesel, continue to practice, you install the engine on a Gazelle. This process differs little from installation of diesel engine cars of other brands. First of all with the lifting mechanism, install the diesel in the engine compartment, and first of all have to enter gear housing.
Lubricate all fasteners with engine oil, then install them in the slots and tighten. Lower the power unit to the seat reserved for him. Please note: all guides power unit should be placed in special recesses.
After removing the diesel from the lifting mechanism into the body of a Gazelle of a wire to ground, then check the selector mechanism of the gearbox. Then connect the sensor wiring speedometer and reverse.