In the case when on the car GAS used speedometer is mechanical, it involves the following actions:Disconnect from transmission a cable of a speedometer. To do this, remove the nut that attaches the cable from the transmission and pull. If the nut is spun tight, and don't Unscrew, you need to gently pull it with pliers.
Wear on the tip of a rope of a speedometer rubber adapter. Take the electric drill with reverse. The free end of the rubber adapter clamp in a cartridge of a drill.
Turn on the drill grid. You can use a battery screwdriver. In this case, simply select depending on the task (twisting or wrapping) the direction of rotation of the Chuck and turn on the tool.
Upon rotation of the cable of the speedometer to monitor his readings. Upon reaching the desired values of indications of the speedometer tool will turn off.
Disconnect the cable from the rubber adapter. Lubricate the tip of the cable, pour liquid grease into the casing of the cable. Insert the rope into the gear box reducer and tighten the nut that secures the cable.
In that case, when the vehicle GAS has an electronic speedometer (or odometer), twist speedometer do so:Remove the cover of the instrument cluster. Remove the speedometer unit from the instrument panel.
Remove the locking clip that holds the electric motor of the speedometer. Remove the motor from the housing of the speedometer.
Rotate gear of speedometer with a screwdriver to decrease the indications of the speedometer. After receiving the desired testimony, a motor set in place.
Tighten the motor clamps. Install the speedometer unit on the instrument panel.
Install block the instrument panel in place, fasten. Correction electronic speedometer - odometer — it is not very easy.
Adjustment of the odometer reading or the correction of the speedometer is only a small part of the twisting of the mileage. Information about the true mileage of your car continues to be stored in memory even after the twisting of the speedometer, and this can sometimes cause problems. In order to avoid them, you need to change the data in the memory of the onboard computer. It does not make "on the knee", so in this case, the most correct to refer to specialists.