You will need
  • - the name of the salon, where he bought a car;
  • - contact information to contact the official dealer.
Contact the showroom or dealer where it passed inspection car. Verify the ability to restore the service book is in your case, because normally dealerships have the factory warranty period, after which a duplicate is not issued.
If the owner still be repaired, you must offer the documents for her recovery.Usually it consists of:1. Statements;2. Copies of the certificate of registration;3. Copies of the PTS from two sides;4. Copy of driver's license;5. Copy of the passport of the owner of the car. In any case, this list should check with the Manager of the dealership.
The documents give them to the office. It is possible to provide the documents by arrangement with the Manager. The terms of producing of duplicate all firms are different, usually from 5 days to several weeks. Restore the service book - the service is not free. The issue price is 1 to 2 thousand p
If the technical inspection of the car took place in different services, you have to ride it on them and collect all the stamps. The computer database of garages all the information remains, to refuse production of the stamp they shouldn't.