Advice 1: How to install the engine VAZ on LUAZ

Ukrainian SUV LUAZ all good. Four-wheel, compact, inexpensive in operation. But most of its shortcomings – the result of a low-power engine, designed more for cars than for this vehicle. One solution is to install on LUAZ motor from the Vase.
How to install the engine VAZ on LUAZ
You will need
  • - adapter plate;
  • - the radiator from the brand;
  • - the electric fan of a radiator from the VAZ-2106;
  • - rubber hose-air duct, cross-section 500 cm2;
  • - expansion tank VAZ-2108;
  • - hoist engine lift;
  • - a set of tools.
In the car LUAZ easier to install the power unit from the VAZ-ovsky classics. First, they fit the design. Second, developed and sold an adapter plate to replace the motor. Third, a set of transfer numbers transmissions Luisa optimally suited to the engine of the Lada.
Purchase the adapter plate for engine mounting. The total vehicle weight has not increased, select aluminum. You can also download the drawings of such plates and to order its production at the plant, if possible.
Remove Luisa Zaporozhye motor. With the engine VAZ remove the additional staffing support. Their installation is absolutely useless support Loisa structurally designed for heavy overload. Also remove the engine flywheel and the clutch basket. Install it on the adapter plate directly on it podsobit. Note that the basic models of the transition plates designed to use the studs LUAZ.
Installing the new engine inside matousek, do not remove the slings of a hoist. In a suspended state, attach the adapter plate to the clutch housing, clip to engine support. Check the clutch operation. Assemble the new radiator with Taurus electric fan VAZ-2106. It will have to be set to the left of the new engine. Otherwise you'll have to lengthen the engine compartment to change the appearance of your vehicle, spoiling the weight distribution.
The new cooler air from a radiator lattice move with a soft rubber air duct. Upper pipe of the cooling system should be placed inside the duct. At the bottom install the oil drain plug and place into the cavity of the bumper. The surge tank from the VAZ-2108 hook to the left of the clutch master cylinder, its lower socket connect directly to the pump.
Hydrovac brake booster port at the right side, and to keep road dust and water, its inlet valve connect the air filter of the engine. Install protective crankcase.
Lacy cast iron crankshaft replace reinforced steel. For the upgraded so the drive use a belt from the M-412. Regular oil filter when installing a new motor will interfere with the steering column. So replace it with a low Shampion F101 with making new connections. This does not apply to the model LUAZ-1302 – he changed the steering mechanism allows you to mount a filter of any type.
The clutch motor VAZ, you can leave normally. Release bearing Luisa approaches him, but because of the sharply increased load on it will often fail. Will solve the problem installing a Luk clutch. When you combine the transactions Luisa with the wiring of the new motor, replace any worn wires. Wanting to get the perfect option to replace all leads on high quality, and their connections seal with a special compound.

Advice 2: How to install bearing

In all machines there are parts that are in the process of spinning and rotating. This leads to friction, heat and wear. To avoid these problems, on the supporting shaft portions installed bearingI. this reduces the wear and tear from long friction and heat.
How to install bearing
You will need
  • - hammer;
  • - cut pipe.
The installation of the bearing is produced in several stages. On the first check and prepare the bearing Assembly and where it will be installed. Seating surface clean of rust, old grease and dirt. Also check how it is worn, or the bearing on the surface will rotate, resulting in disturbed functioning of the whole node. If the damage is minor, remove them by grinding. On the surface, which is prepared for the installation of the bearing, apply a small layer of grease.
Purchased to install a new bearing must be in a sealed package made of plastic, which is rustproof lubricant, contributing to its long-term storage. After opening the package, remove the bearing and wash it in gasoline. If there is a protective washer, rinse the bearing is optional.
To install the bearing, you will need a section of pipe of soft metal, suitable for the size of the inner or outer ring of the bearing. If you install it on the shaft, the socket must be suitable for the inner ring if mounted in the hull under the outer ring of the bearing. Install the bearing are not strong blows of a hammer on the socket, which, in turn, must be assigned to the corresponding bearing ring. Note, however, that the attached load must be uniform. In addition, you cannot apply it directly to the bearing rings or to a number of rolling elements.
In the process of assembling the bearing pay attention to the fact that it was placed on the shaft or in the hole without bias, as this may cause scoring of the surface of the bearing or hub.
Installing the bearing, lubricate the surface of the rolling elements with lubricant. Bearings with shields or sealing rings that already contain factory lubricated, so they do not require it.
To install the bearing should be free of dust or dirt, as this leads to premature failure.
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