Increasing sitesteen compression directly affects the efficiency of fuel combustion. The higher the compression ratio, the smaller amount of fuel is reached, the same power. In diesel engines, typical values of compression ratios from 18:1 to 22:1, which explains their high efficiency compared to gasoline engines. Full realization of these benefits contributes to the lack of throttle plate on diesels. For example, the increasing importance of compression only on the unit gives a boost to the power of 2%.
However, increasing the compression ratio does not always increase power. If the ratio is near the limit of detonation for a given fuel, further increasing the compression ratio will degrade the capacity and reliability of the engine.
Common RailДанная system is applied in the power systems of diesel engines since 1997. Common Rail – a method of fuel injection into the combustion chamber under high pressure regardless of the load or engine speed. Different from the previously used system injection pump that creates pressure at the moment of fuel injection into the combustion chamber and not inside the intake manifold. This allows you to optimize the fuel mixture and combustion parameters for each cylinder. The system gives a boost to power up to 30%. The specific value of the increase of power for each diesel engine with Common Rail depends on depend on the injection pressure. In the Common Rail system third generation of the injection pressure is about 2000 bar. Soon to be launched fourth generation Common Rail system with an injection pressure of about 2500 bar.
Turbodata effective and common means of increasing capacity for both diesel and gasoline engine. The turbine delivers to the cylinders of the additional amount of air, which allows to increase the flow of fuel, and therefore – to increase power. Taking into account that the pressure of the exhaust gases of a diesel engine in the 1.5-2 times higher than that of diesel, the turbo works better on diesel engines: provides the boost with the lowest revs and has no specific failure after sharp pressing a pedal of an accelerator – turboyamy. The lack of throttle in a diesel engine eliminates the need for complex circuits to control the turbine. Installed in tandem with a turbocharger intercooler nedovesov air (intercooler) allows to further improve the filling of cylinders and to increase capacity 15-20%. Another advantage of turbocharging on diesel engine: it does not lose power when operated in high mountain areas.
Chip tuningu this case, the power of the diesel is improved by the installation of the electronic corrector settings of injection timing, duration of injection (fuel mixture) and increase boost pressure. More modern chip-sets manufactured by advanced technologies allow to increase the power of a turbo engine by 25-35% and reduce fuel consumption by 10%.
Installation of these kits requires no special skills, any additional refinement, equipped with detailed installation instructions and is designed for self-installation by the owner of the car even with the lack of detailed knowledge about the device.