To drown out the diesel engine, close the fuel supply. On passenger cars this put the key in the ignition in the desired position. In this work the electric valve blocking the flow of diesel fuel at the fuel rail. On current models stops the supply of control pulses to the opening of the injectors.
In trucks, large buses, and tractors click the button on the floor in the foot area of the driver or on the dashboard, or on a special lever. A mechanical drive will block the flow of fuel in the fuel pump. Keep in mind that just a click is not enough. After you hold it until then, while diesel will not be muted.
To use the device for shutoff of the fuel supply as the engine brake on a truck or bus, diesel stop them without turning off the clutch. The car will start to slow down. Use this technique when approaching traffic lights or on downhill and only truck (bus), equipped with a mechanical drive of shut-off valves. On cars with valve the use of this method may lead to breakage of the power system.
In case of failure of electric valve, blocking the flow of diesel oil, use the following trick to kill the motor without turning off the transmission, release the clutch while pressing the brake. For greater efficiency of this technique in advance turn on high gear.
When operating the diesel engine at low temperatures (-25 and below) before stopping the diesel, fill the oil sump a glass of gasoline. Gasoline will temporarily reduce the viscosity and facilitate the start-up. After starting and engine warm-up gasoline to evaporate, and will evaporate through the crankcase ventilation. After the active use of this method at the end of the winter, change the oil, since gasoline accelerates oxidation of the oil.
Wait 1-3 minutes before shutting down the diesel, allowing it to work at idle. This will significantly increase the service life of the turbine, allowing the oil to cool down and to cool and to drain out of the turbocharger before shutting down. Of course, for diesel engines not equipped with turbocharging in the application of this method there is no need.
On modern diesel cars nominally set turbotimer providing compulsory work diesel for some time after its shutdown. Turbotimer with intelligent control system calculates the necessary time after which the motor will be suppressed, given the duration and intensity of stress on him.