You will need
  • tag with the code and name of the color;
  • - a directory with samples coloring;
  • - computer program and apparatus for color capture;
  • - passport of the vehicle;
  • - warranty card;
  • - a certificate of registration;
  • - VIN-code.
Look under the trunk lid, on the reverse side should be written the number of the paint of the car. In addition, in some machines, the tag number is on the lid or in the spare wheel well. If there's no number, open the driver's door and inspect the rack, sometimes the sticker located at the bottom, near the floor.
Note that the sticker you are looking for contains a three - or four-digit code. The table of conformity find your color and check whether it is real.
If you find the sticker failed, take the manhole cover of the tank and contact the store selling topcoats. It will help you to choose the color according to the available samples in the directory as a rule, this is a free service.
Contact the service center, many service stations have special equipment and a computer program through which employees diagnose, consider the information from the machine on the color and select the name of the shade. Please note that this program may not always accurately specify color since the paint youcolorem, so try somehow to find a mention about the name of the shade in the documents.
View documents on the car. The name color should be specified in the vehicle passport (PTS), the warranty card (if the machine is new, you will find it), the certificate of registration.
Try to find out the color of the car from the official dealer VAZ (their addresses and phones can be found online on the official website of the company). Find information about the VIN-code car and refer them to the salon. VIN code is a unique combination of 17 letters and numbers, you can find it in easy-to-read place car.