Advice 1: How to determine the color of the car VAZ

Definition color car you may need, if you want to replace any part of the body, touch up a scratch or other purposes. In any case, determine the color by eye is very difficult, so you should use one of the following ways.
How to determine the color of the car VAZ
You will need
  • tag with the code and name of the color;
  • - a directory with samples coloring;
  • - computer program and apparatus for color capture;
  • - passport of the vehicle;
  • - warranty card;
  • - a certificate of registration;
  • - VIN-code.
Look under the trunk lid, on the reverse side should be written the number of the paint of the car. In addition, in some machines, the tag number is on the lid or in the spare wheel well. If there's no number, open the driver's door and inspect the rack, sometimes the sticker located at the bottom, near the floor.
Note that the sticker you are looking for contains a three - or four-digit code. The table of conformity find your color and check whether it is real.
If you find the sticker failed, take the manhole cover of the tank and contact the store selling topcoats. It will help you to choose the color according to the available samples in the directory as a rule, this is a free service.
Contact the service center, many service stations have special equipment and a computer program through which employees diagnose, consider the information from the machine on the color and select the name of the shade. Please note that this program may not always accurately specify color since the paint youcolorem, so try somehow to find a mention about the name of the shade in the documents.
View documents on the car. The name color should be specified in the vehicle passport (PTS), the warranty card (if the machine is new, you will find it), the certificate of registration.
Try to find out the color of the car from the official dealer VAZ (their addresses and phones can be found online on the official website of the company). Find information about the VIN-code car and refer them to the salon. VIN code is a unique combination of 17 letters and numbers, you can find it in easy-to-read place car.

Advice 2 : How to check the color

Room colors – characteristics that are used to apply color to the text, background or other elements of blog posts, website or other resource. Although for most cases the use of colors you can use and name, each user must have a table with a numeric number or code color.
How to check the color
The main colorsused in the design of the blog, listed at the link under the article. Code color and its name are placed in columns in a table. Please note that the browser “Google Chrome” page is not displayed correctly.
The second link contains a more complete table. It also contains the name of colors in English, Russian and code colors.
Even more full color table names in the Russian language and HTML codes offers a service of system "Yandex". To use click on the third link. The top of the page adjust the amount of red, blue, green and other colors, scrolling the cursor in the appropriate fields.
Before the color number in the HTML code you must put the # sign (pound), equivalent to the symbol "№". Instead of the alphanumeric code you can use the English name of the color.

Advice 3 : How to determine the number of paint

If the car for some reason appeared a scratch, the owner will have to restore the original appearance of the machine, and this requires to know exactly what you need. Each hue has a specific number. How to define it?
How to determine the number of paint
If you have purchased a brand new car from official dealers, on the inner side of the trunk or the door should be attached to the piece of paper with the room paint. For example, the snow Queen, color 690. The exact color should be specified in the registration certificate on the car and the warranty card. However, the problem is that this data can vary: for example, on a piece of color – the snow Queen, and the certificate – silver metallic.
There are plans for the painting of cars in which numbers of colors and shows all the nuances of machines in a given month. For example, a plan for the painting of LADA presented here: full color of all possible shades can be found on this page: Compare these colors with your car and select the desired number. This classification is universal for all firms, however, for some cars, for example Chevrolet, used codes consisting of three letters. To know the exact color names on the official website.
If you have difficulty in choosing or do not trust the color rendition of the monitor, remove the machine fuel filler flap and contact the service center, staff directory will determine the number of paint suitable for your car. It must be done because the same color, like green, has dozens of different shades, and pick up "by eye" the right color will be simply impossible.
Note that if the machine was a long time in the sun, the colors fade away, so to remove the scratch, will have to paint the entire damaged part, for example the entire trunk. If the color transition is very noticeable, most likely, you will have to paint the whole car.
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