The plant with the release of each car, the paint is assigned a specific code number, which contains information on the quantity and the weight ratio of the components included in the composition of the enamel. So to start, use the most simple way to determine color code of the car. Look for a plate attached to the body. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find, as in some versions of the automobiles are located in inaccessible places or not at all.
If such signs was not under the hood or in the doorway, or anywhere else, in this case, go to the website So it is possible for code to determine the color (or Vice versa). But this method can also be inefficient because often the color is impossible to determine due to the fact that does not fit the markings. The reason the devices that prevent the paint from certain access errors and confusing in the labeling.
Sometimes, the producers give abstract names to the colors of the cars, which in General find it difficult to decide what is officially the color of your car. For example, "Mozart" or "Prize" - title, is not specific to any color scheme. In this case, use a special directory with the interpretation of the values
If your car was purchased from an authorized dealer and has never been repainted, just request the necessary information from the seller (dealership). To know the color code can be a VIN
There are good and effective method, although quite time-consuming. Go to the website where you enter the make and year of manufacture of your car. See all kinds of colors that painted the cars of your year. Select the most similar code and write it down. Next, find the Internet site in which you define the look of the car in the selected color. This happens when the cursor of the mouse on the preview, which automatically runs the script that shows the brand of your car in a variety of colours and angles. This method uses most of the paint shops of a HUNDRED.