VIN code is called 17-digit vehicle identification number. Each of his figures carries some information about the car. VIN code to find out the date and place of build, body type and engine, model number, etc.
Look under the hood of your car (near the engine) of the special information label. The odds of finding it increase if the car is fairly modern and was not a major repair.
If you can not find the information sticker under the hood, open the car door. Inspect the bottom of the door pillar, there are many firms producing cars, prefer this place for sticking information labels.
Please contact car service to kolerovschik, grant found the vin-code. Using a special computer program, entering your code, employee service center choose exactly the shade that was originally used for body painting. Consider the fact that over time the paint can fade and maybe the tone will differ.
Another way to determine the shade of paint on a vin-code is to appeal to the dealer, providing information about the car brand and the corresponding code. After some time, the employees of any of the motor companies will give you comprehensive information regarding your car and its color. To contact dealers in person, arriving at the office where purchased the car, or contact the company via email or phone. Having obtained the necessary data, feel free to go to the car wash and ask to have your vehicle painted in a tone specified by the manufacturer.