Go to the manufacturers website and read carefully all the features of the phone, as well as reviews on the model. Then write down the addresses of stores in your city. If you buy the phone at the point of sale, the official recommended by the manufacturer, and you will have less chances to stumble on a fake.
Inspect the model, hold it in your hand, read the instructions. Pay attention to the quality of plastic used to manufacture the phone."Home" LG phones are nice and smooth to the touch, have a significant weight, solid plastic, not prominaetsya under compression. Buttons and phone keys are made carefully, pressed gently, not clinging to the panel. When using the phone does not creak, all parts are customized, do not move and do not move.
Ask the seller to remove the back cover of LG phone. As a rule, its back cover is installed tightly enough for its withdrawal it is necessary to apply enough pressure. Inspect the battery of the phone. If the battery is not "special" - rather, phone fake. The phone also has a simple connector for the SIM card that inserted and removed without effort. On the back of your phone inside should be a sticker PCT or CCC, which says about passing them with the standard quality tests.
Check out the menu of this phone. Sometimes the Chinese manufacturers give the phone features that are not available from this manufacturer. The instructions to brand the phone always have competent, high-quality translation, printed on a good printing. The same applies to the packaging of the phone.
However, the best way to determine the authenticity of the LG phone is to know its IMEI. Type on keyboard *#06#, press "enter". The screen displays the 14-digit number is a special identification code of the phone. Compare it to the number located behind the battery apparatus on the rear panel. They must match exactly.