You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - warranty card;
  • - knowledge.
First, ask the consultant to provide you a warranty card for the phone. A warranty card will provide you with cell phone service during a specified period.
On the box the phone should be the IMEI. Check whether it matches with the IMEI on the phone. If these codes differ from each other at least by one digit, the phone is not worth taking.
Turn on the phone (without the battery) and type on keyboard *#06#. The display unit is displayed with the same IMEI check it with what's on the box and on the warranty card.
Check out set of accessories that are included in the kit. See that each accessory is Packed in a separate bag. The phone itself should lie separately from the battery. If you notice that something is Packed, it means that the phone is already included, and perhaps more than once. This phone better not to take.
Check the operation of the phone itself. After boot, enter the menu and check the operation of all keys. Just make sure you turn off the T9 mode. Then check the communication quality. On the screen the link light should be at the maximum level. Then call your friends and see whether you can hear them. If there are any noises during the conversation, the phone is not worth buying.