Of course, a smartphone manufacturer gives some assurance. However, it is short-lived or in some cases not at all covered. Rarely talking about any guarantees when you purchase with hands or in some online stores.

To later to avoid many problems during the use of a smartphone, it is worth before purchasing it to check carefully.

The overall performance of the phone and accessories

To start, insert your SIM card into your new device and try with someone to contact. This way you will check the quality of communication, spoken and "hearing" speaker. Then insert your memory card into the connector reserved for her. And for example, try to play a video with it. So you can test the quality of image and sound. Then check out how it works headset and charger.

Check camera smartphone

Take a new device, activate the camera and take a picture of a white piece of paper. Carefully look into the resulting image. If you notice that the white background has a green, blue, black or red dot, it says broken pixel on the display itself. You should not worry much, as the performance of the phone is not affected. However, you always want for the money spent, to get the smartphone in perfect condition.

Check the Wi-Fi signal

Turn Wi-Fi on your new device and away from the modem 3-4 meters. If the phone lost the network, so you have no contact with virinoj antenna inside the phone. If communication problems have arisen, go online and try is there anything to open or even download. Also need to test the GPS. Smartphone needs as precisely as possible to determine your location. If possible, run such programs anywhere on the street for the most accurate result.

Check battery

Of course, if the new smartphone should not worry too much about the condition of the batteries – it's all right. However, if the model is purchased from the hands is worth a closer look to the battery. Most often, the area near the battery gets a white sticker. If you notice that this area is red, then inside the device gets wet.

Check the motion sensors

Each smartphone has many sensors, which are responsible for movement. When buying must check, because it depends on the degree of usability of the device. For this, launch the gallery and open any picture. After that turn the smartphone in front of him in order to test how quickly and accurately it responds to your commands.