You will need
  • Cell phone, documents for the product.
If you are outdoors and you need to get information about cell phone you can check information about its model in the nearest salon of cellular communication. To do this, please contact the Manager of the salon, or find a similar device on display (the phones are normally sorted by brands, so that you will not be difficult to find the right brand). Here you can learn about the cost of a new product.
In addition to the visit to the salon of cellular communication, being on the street, you can also determine the model of the phone, disassembled it. To do this, fold the back cover and remove the battery from the housing. Panel phone you will see a sticker that displays the information about the make of the phone.
The simplest way to determine the model of the phone is off. After the unit is turned off, turn it back on. During the boot process, the phone displays information about its models.
You can also set the model of the mobile phone, reading the documents on the product. You are interested in info will be displayed on the main page of the user to the device. In addition to the user, information about the model can be seen in the purchase receipt (typically, this data is specified in the "Model").