However, the Chinese - savvy people. And with quality, "branded" cell the country was flooded with counterfeits, made so skillfully that they can be distinguished only by the serial number or IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This 15-bit number, an international mobile equipment identifier, this code is unique to each cell phone.
The first eight digits of the IMEI describe the model and country of origin of the phone. Moreover, the first 6 digits are a code phone model TAC (Type Approval Code). Followed by 2 digits - country code of the manufacturer of the FAC (Final Assembly Code). The next 6 digits indicate the serial number of the phone SNR (Serial Number). The remaining digit is spare ID SP (Spare); it is calculated on the basis of previous digits by a special algorithm.
Thus, the country-the manufacturer of the phone describes the 7th and 8th digits of the IMEI. For example, 67 — U.S. 19\40 – United Kingdom, 80 in China.
To determine the country of origin of the phone and the barcode of the phone the first two digits.
And, of course, the country of origin marked on the packaging phone and in accompanying instructions and documentation. It is written and the barcode and IMEI number. But be careful, sometimes it does not coincide with the original IMEI. In this case, before you fake.
To know the IMEI of the phone can be very simple. Type on keyboard*#06# and the screen will affect the IMEI of your phone. If the phone is with two SIM cards, then on the display will have two IMEI.
Also IMEI of the phone you can find, and most importantly, to compare with the on-screen option under the phone's battery. Remove the back cover and the battery, the phone has a sticker on which is written the IMEI of the phone, and is also listed on the certification of the product in Russia, PCT.
Have the IMEI of the phone has another function. In case of theft or loss of phone mobile operator, at your request, can block the phone. The lock is made according IMEI.