Choosing a smartphone, first check its equipment and build quality. Carefully examine the Cabinet for the presence of gaps and openings in the region of the fastening parts. In the presence of the buttons on the machine, check their progress. They are not too tight and well responsive to the touch.
Most modern smartphones are presented with a capacitive touchscreen display, which should clearly respond to touch by fingers or stylus, the latter also must be securely fixed in the housing of the apparatus and to be easy to use.
Check out the quality of display and quality of the on screen display details. A good smartphone should have a screen that clearly displays all graphical elements. The display should not be the phenomenon of speckle, which is characteristic of a low-cost or fake apparatus.
Examine the functions of the device and speed. The main distinguishing feature of smartphones is the ability to run several applications simultaneously while providing a high level of performance and minimum delays in the processing of certain data. Run multiple programs installed on the phone, and then minimize them and make the switch to home screen or other apps. A quality device should respond to such operations.
Check the components of the smartphone. Included with the device should be efficiently printed manual in the Russian language. If the booklet in Russian is missing, so the phone was not intended for sale in Russia and it is likely that were imported into Russia illegally. Included should be the original cable and charger with the logo of the manufacturer.
Compliance with all the above guidelines will help you to acquire a really high-quality device that will last you a long time.