You will need
  • - licensed version of Battlefield 2142;
  • - access to the Internet.
When playing online, the first step in the installation of the modification of the arms is a game title. Just the Battlefield 2142 are 40 statuses that you will receive consistent and 3 "special" prize for place in the standings. Any bonus you can get only when playing on official servers this license version of the product go to the main menu and select "Play online". You will be taken to the official lobby server, where you can choose you are interested in any match. Then click on it and select "Connect".
Perform a job. Your rank is determined by total number of points in the profile. Points, in turn, need to earn money by receiving three types of rewards: badges ("kill 5 people in a row"), strip ("spend 40 hours playing in the network") and signs (issued for active game-specific class). Earning a certain number of points for these achievements, you get new rank, and with it the opportunity to choose better weapons.
Go to the menu "Modification" after it received a new title. Each time you can only choose one new subject. Note that 50 bonuses account for only 40 levels, so collecting everything is impossible physically. Select improve and then drag it from the panel "shop" in the corresponding inventory slot on your character. Go back to game modification will remain with you.
Download from the Internet cheat to open all weapons. If you have no opportunity (or desire) to open the weapons for online play, you can do it in the game on LAN and with bots. With the fan game forum download archive with cheats and unpack it to any convenient directory. Inside you will find several files and a document format .txt, which will indicate where you need to copy the downloaded.
After replacing the files the game run the Battlefield and when you play with bots you are not going to modification. In addition, if you connect to the server LAN, you will also save the advantage. Playing online is not covered, because the statistics are your achievements stored on the server.