To start the game with Battlefield 2 via the network, you first need to install it. If you have the game already installed, skip this step. Before installation, verify that your hard disk has a minimum of 6 GB of free space. Plus 2 GB for the system's needs. Since the weight of the Battlefield 2 is about 5.7 GB, the update is approximately 300 MB in the minimum variant. Before starting the installation package will ask you to specify the key of the game you can find on the box containing the game disc.
Install the game, make it run. Appears the upgrade program. It will determine the version of the game, and then proceed to online update the game to version, which is latest at the moment.
If you have an account EA, then skip the next step. Otherwise, sign up EA-Games and use this profile to log into the game.
As soon as the account is registered, start the game. In the main menu located on the right, click "Log in" and enter the username, which is the mailbox and password.
Bots in a game and the network are added as follows:1. Need to download the archive with the bots. It is possible to do from any site, e.g. here or here
2. A downloadable file you need to unzip and read the contents readme.txt. There will be written something like this: a server is a computer that is used to create games
clients are the computers that will connect to the server. Creates a server with the game so:1. Run the file BFServer_emu where is supposed to place the server.
2. Start a LanGame (multiplayer) from all customers. There enter the IP address of the server, and then click Start.
3. The server must contain only one single-player (single-player) game.
4. The client downloads the offline profile and is looking for an existing game where there is a section of Find Lan Games (finding games).Just in case you want to add, that the game with bots, unlike the game with a live opponent, is the game only with the computer, and provide setup only one player on the server. Good luck.