You will need
  • - installed the game;
  • connection to the Internet.
Install Battlefield 2 on your computer. Activate the game, make any necessary changes to the settings. To further the game download it and select create player Play Multiplayer.
Fill in the required fields of the registration form: username, password, mailbox, location of the player, the password confirmation. The location of the player better enter the United States. Click on the "Create account" button.
If you need to register additional account in the game, this is useful in cases when a game enjoyed by a few people. In this case, note that one Inbox is only one registration in the game Battlefield 2. Write down the password in a separate file, in order not to lose the credential.
Customize the configuration of the game for your account. Connect to the game server from the menu, Multiplayer -> Join Internet -> Connect to IP. Enter the data (IP address of the server on which you are going to play) and click OK. Please note that you can also search for servers or select from the list of available.
If you reinstalled on your computer the Battlefield 2 game or the operating system, restore access to the registration data in this game using the menu item Management Accounts. In the window that appears, navigate to the settings tab with the title bound to retrive Accounts.
Enter your login details in the username or email specified at registration in the game Battlefield 2, enter the password and press the button bound to retrive Accounts. Please do not check the check box for save username and password if you log in from another computer, you may lose data of your account and you have to re-register in Battlefield 2, and hence will have to register the new Inbox, since re-register in your next to impossible.