Rhodium - a hard silvery-gray color, belonging to the platinum group. In addition it has a spectacular appearance, high chemical resistance. In jewelry industry, rhodium is used as a coating for silver jewelry. The coating of rhodium greatly improves the aesthetic properties of silver jewelry, which protects them from scratches and exposure to the environment.

Yodirovannoye silver jewelry perfectly with amethyst, Topaz, turquoise, rubies, and garnets, and in appearance very similar to the expensive platinum.
Wear out much slower rhodium silver, due to its hardness, so it permanently retains its natural beauty. Rhodium plated silver will not darken, as usual. There are three types of rhodium: colour, black and white. The protective coating protects the jewelry from darkening, and has an excellent polishing effect.

The usefulness of rhodium silver

In addition to an attractive appearance, yodirovannoye products have therapeutic properties: - destroy more than 600 kinds of pathogenic microorganisms; - prevent infection scratches; strengthen the heart; - have a slight cooling effect. Sometimes yodirovannoye silver products are an indicator of the human condition. In the event of malfunctions in the body jewelry will change color. It is very rare that yodirovannoye silver jewelry does not suit a man. You may receive headaches, increased nervousness, earlobes can become inflamed. In such cases, it is recommended to abandon the silverware.

Silver jewelry looks very original and beautiful. They emphasize the individuality and refined taste of their owner.

Care for your jewelry

Rhodium gives jewelry a high wear resistance, but in spite of this, the products needed gentle care. You must follow these rules: - remove jewelry at night, when working at home, when doing sports, Hiking in the bath or sauna; - to put on jewelry after applying lotions or perfume, you must ensure that the liquid is absorbed completely; - do not use for cleaning products amigosmoteros tools, toothpaste or powder; - wash is enough to wash the ornament with warm water and wipe with a flannel cloth; - when a piece of jewellery with precious stones, clean them with a cotton swab dipped in Cologne and Polish with a cloth. If to observe all recommendations, jewelry will last for a long time, retaining its dazzling appearance.