You will need
  • -live aquarium fish;
  • -attention and logic.
Guppies – live-bearing aquarium fish, peaceful, unpretentious and very beautiful.Sorting guppy fry you can start with two weeks. This is best done after feeding. Within two weeks of age the female guppy on the abdomen near the anal fin becomes noticeable dark spot. However, not all of the species it manifests itself at one time, so the sorting is performed repeatedly. Light-colored rocks, a spot light, not dark, it has a silvery sheen. In males it is missing, the abdomen is of a uniform silvery sheen.
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Female guppies are much larger than males, grow to about 5-6 and sometimes 7 cm body Length of males does not exceed 3-4 see the Difference in size is one of the main and most noticeable differences to determine the sex of the fish.
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Female guppies are usually gray in color with a greenish or purple tint, the tail fin is small. The males are very beautiful, have bright, attractive color. Colored spots, strokes, patterns on their body are iridescent. The tail and fins are long, lush and, depending on the breed, have different shapes. With good feeding, the difference in color becomes noticeable in two months.
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The male guppy has an elongated and laterally flattened body. The female body is also elongated with a flattened back. To determine the sex of fish on this basis is difficult, especially when you lack experience.
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The anal fin of male and female guppies has a different structure. In females it is rounded. Males have elongated, pointed. Later, in two months, it starts to spin. Formed gonopodia. However, not all individuals with this symptom appears at the same time. Sometimes to confidently determine the gender is possible only in 3 – 4 months, due to the relatively often manifested hermaphroditism of fishes.
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