When you buy frogs at the pet store look closely to all individuals. Females are usually always larger than males, their body extends to the pelvis. The body of the male, on the contrary, uniform throughout its length, and they look slightly flat. Sharp differences between female and male in coloration does not exist. Take the frog in his hands. Flip to the back. And if you see between the legs of a small protrusion resembling a tail, it is certainly not a male. This ledge is only for females and it is the ovipositor.
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If you purchase a frog-bull, pay attention to her eyes and eardrums. The males of these frogs eardrum is slightly larger than the eye. In females they are of the same size with the eyes.From tree frogs to determine the gender by the color of the skin on the lower jaw. Carefully flip the frog on the back, consider the skin on the jaw. The females have this patch of skin is white, male is Golden.
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Inspect the throat of a frog. Males have resonators in the form of a small swelling sacs, some species of frog racesgenderageny on the throat (called the throat cavity), while the other – sides of the head.Due to these resonators males and sonorous voice croak during the breeding season. Females usually do not croak.
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Inspect the front legs of amphibians. Males can be observed growths in the form of a black brush frame the toes and continuing up to the armpit. Marriage, or corn that looks like hardened skin is white.
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One way of determining genderand frogs can be simulated amplexus. Take the frog with two fingers under the front legs, gently squeeze. The male in this situation will definitely scream.
Keep in mind that whichever options define genderas you choose, none of them is able to help novice Amateur amphibians to know 100% who is before him - "the boy" or "girl". Young specimens generally impossible to determine gender. It is best before buying frogs to consult with a specialist or invite him to a pet store.