The basics of caring for guppy fry in a community tank

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The most important rule that must be followed to the people who choose to raise fry with adults, says that you need to carefully monitor the amount of food and never to get guppies to starve. The fact that this fish may eat the fry if the feed is not enough. Furthermore, it is desirable that the fry was a private shelter, a special part of the tank where you pour out some feed for them. This will ensure the relative safety of small fish.

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Select for young plants with long stems and small leaves. They help create a protected space in the aquarium and arrange for kids comfortable housing next to the adults.

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As feed for fingerlings of guppy in the first weeks of life, you can use a brine shrimp. After 4-5 weeks after the appearance of fish on light add to their diet of Tubifex and bloodworms. Don't forget to carefully grind food, so the fish could eat. Give them food at least 3 times a day. It is desirable to pour a little more food than they can eat at once, so that later, fry had the opportunity to eat. Bring food as close as possible to the plants, where they live small guppies, so they do not have to swim to be an adult.

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How to keep guppy fry in a separate tank

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Constantly watch for the appearance of the fish. Fry guppies should have a big round belly. It is also important that they eat too much and refused to feed. If the kids don't want to eat, they may be sick, or you are wrong to keep them and provide inappropriate care.

For fry guppy suitable aquarium with a volume of approximately 20-40 litres with high-quality aeration and with many small plants. It is desirable not to Supplement the housing of fish with soil, otherwise you will only complicate the process of caring for kids.

When growing guppy fry in a separate aquarium, it is necessary to constantly monitor the temperature and water quality. In any case it is impossible to pour into a container not settled water from the tap – it is necessary to leave it for 2-3 days and then strain.

Recommended daily to replace 30-40% of the water in the aquarium, the fry of guppies feel comfortable. The temperature of the water in the first 3-4 weeks of life, fry it should not fall below 28C. Then you can gradually, within a week, reduce it to 26oC, and then to 24C.